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affecting data storage, and companies must find a way to adhere to them all. "To do that, we had to apply for safe harbor from European privacy laws," he says.For example, Kevin Roden, CIO of Iron Mountain, Boston, MA, says his company stores data from Europe in their U. "You have to take into consideration what are the local rules around what data can exist, and what you have to abide by when you take that data out of the country." "We've seen more than one case where one branch is completely dedicated to EMC, while another has Hitachi Data Systems or Compaq," say Calvin Hsu, product marketing manager at Data Core, a storage software maker based in Ft. "Such companies have to do a major overhaul to go through consolidation." Storage used to be a think globally, act locally technology.

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While it's taken the company seven years to build its centralized infrastructure, Haney says that the cost savings have made the effort worthwhile.But other than that, about 90% of all the applications that support Whirlpool are run globally out of Michigan." The company runs four z Series mainframes, as well as 400 or 500 NT and Unix servers, to serve the needs of 60,000 employees in 170 countries. But while the data centers were centralized, the company couldn't consolidate its storage until about two years ago."We knew we had to do something--our spending on storage was getting out of hand," says Haney, who attributes the spike to an SAP implementation, Web-related growth and the demands of a rapidly expanding business."There's nothing that's common to any one company that says why they are doing it or how," says Marrone.As the following profiles show, there are almost as many ways to manage storage globally as there are global companies.

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