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volunteer activities, co-op, community services, recycle activities, study circles, and many others.

The traditional Japanese value of “ryo-sai ken-bo” (“good wife, good mother”) is changing.

More women continue to work after getting married and having children.

However many companies have separate programs for women, usually non-career track, and follow practices that would be considered discriminatory in other societies.

Foreign visitors frequently comment on the different sense of privacy, both physical and psychological, between them and the Japanese people.Unlike other countries where a “couple” is the usual social unit, in Japan it is typical for only the husband to be invited to business gatherings or to weddings for company employees.Exceptions are frequently made for foreign visitors depending on the occasion, but female spouses should not take their exclusion as a personal slight.While dating is common, the underlying assumption between two Japanese is that marriage is the eventual objective.Therefore, foreign visitors must be sure to make their intentions clear to avoid any misunderstanding.

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