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Thanks in advance Hi mkubaryc, I suggest you can use Find Control() to get the reference of each Text Box or other controls for updating manually, and then get values from them, not using Old Values or New Values dictionary.Thanks, Getting Information from the Controls (Template Field or Bound Field ) from any of the Data Presentation Controls Hello Everybody, I have a very important question for me. It has three Bound Fields and one Template Field I want to get information from any of the record (row,line etc ) using any of the Bound Fields or Template Fields.(by the way, if i place the user control out of templatefield and onto the actual page, it works fine!! I tried out some validation code with a customvalidator with the same controls outside a detailsview... Hi, In formview we could position the controls anywhere we like and bind it to the datasource. For example, that first field in Details View has name Point and value 10.this is my code:protected void Custom Validator1_Server Validate(object source, Server Validate Event Args args) { int days = Convert. But i am not finding same function in detailsview.i could only see that the record are shown as a single list. When I click a button named btn Point, along that...Here is the source code to update all the columns in Details View with edited data. Note that regard less of old values and new values database is updated with all the data in Details View(edited columns and non-edited columns). But I couldn't see any solution and see that many people ask the same ...Data presentation control in another Data presentation control Hello, I want to make a menu with datalist or gridview control.

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The user selects a group of product fields and those become the Grid View Columns and the Det...

My Item Updating function looks as follows (for simplicity)protected void Account Home View_Item Updating(object sender, Details View Update Event Args e) The result of which is a 0 for the counts for all of the Keys.

I am sure this is something I am missing, but I can't seem to pinpoint what it is. AJAX is involved, but I don't think that matters any.

I have used the following: Dim my Cust Text Box As User Control = Me. Find Control("Text Box RC") Could someone please help me! Accessing Controls in a Details View Control I'm using a Details View control to Insert Data into a SQL Server Database i have a textbox and two Calendar controls in it. NET In a Gridview, how would I convert this template field to VB. That way I can dynamically change column arrangements when mixed with dynamic boundfield() controls created by VB. Thanks Dear, friend: You can check out these articles to get to the right direction: Web Controls Partial Class _Default Inherits System. Details View control and Button control Hello Can someone help in next problem: On page i have Details View control which return from Sql Data Source1 one record with seven columns.

and show me how i can access the methods of this user control. I need to do some validation before inserting the data. How to modify the position of controls present inside detailsview? Along every row in Details View control I have one button control, for which I want, when I press one of the buttons (for example, first button which is placed along first row), that value in that first row of Details View gets greater (or smaller, whatever) value, and that value must be stored back in database.

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