Diablo 3 profile not updating

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(and the graphics are not loaded anymore for the arms...gundo gear) also rereolled the fire damage on my weapon to normal damage - it's not showing in the armory.

Sadly, today the Torchlight and HOB developer has been closed down. While there are no Diablo announcements planned this year, Blizzard had plenty to announce for their other franchises.Also when I tried to install Diablo 3 (real version) from I have it downloaded and installing it gets to a certain point halfway throughout the bar and stops with no further progress even after having it open an entire night as well...I would love to know why these programs are crapping out on me or if my computer is total garbage. Each group or usernames give full control in all options (the EDIT and Advanced buttons too). Please anyone face this problem knows how to fix this ?Make sure multiple instances of aren't running (remove all the processes, try again).If that doesn't help, delete the folder Battle.net/Agent (probably in your Application Data or App data directories, use search if you can't find it). This is helping people with some updating issues, don't know if it will fix yours. You can also disable firewalls as this can cause network problems (remember to re-enable them again afterwards though).

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