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that I know of) say they like the reassurance they get from receiving constant messages from their potential/actual love interests. Please love me.’ The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.But actually it’s the opposite of reassuring, because it creates a false sense of intimacy. How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?Another friend says she enjoys flirty text message banter (yes, alright, I said banter, calm down), as part of the build up to a date. ; ) See above Hey – did I just have a missed call from you? Why would I be calling you at 2am on a Saturday night? Last week, when you sent the text message, he had something (someone) better to do. But I feel like actually, you’re using up all your good chat and chemistry over i Chat when you should be saving it for real live, when you’re both in the same room and there are cocktails in situ. Normally sent between 11pm and 1am on a Friday night. Now you’re back at the top of the list you lucky, lucky thing. True to form, he quickly responded, and started flirting away (I say ‘flirting’, he made some crack about needing a visit from the nurse, and stuck a winky face emoticon on the end of everything… ’ Yep – he had no idea who I was, and just put it out there to EVERYONE. I’m not even sure when he lost my number – he could have been blithely textually winking to a total stranger for months.Anyway, lesson learnt, I won’t be texting him for a bit of casual affirmation again anytime soon.In fact, next time I want some casual flirting, I’ll try and do it IRL, or at the very least on Skype.

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You can convince yourself that you’re getting 90 per cent of their attention, when in reality you’re getting 10 per cent. I’ve only just seen it – weird, there must be something wrong with my phone. Coffee man ended every text with a stream of questions, sent a follow-up message if I didn’t respond within a few hours, and replied to my increasingly monosyllabic responses instantly, with more questions.The whole thing started to feel like a serious obligation and in the end, I told him I couldn’t make the coffee and asked him to stop contacting me. The piece stated that while couples who sent each other loving texts reported higher levels of satisfaction with their relationships, men who sent high numbers of texts to a woman generally reported lower relationship quality than men who sent less (this wasn’t the case for women).Extracts are taken from a corpus of 300,000 words of chatting data that was gathered from online chat rooms.Ongoing dialogues occur simultaneously in these conversations but in layers created by different scales of time, and discursive links are made to yet higher timescales via references to spatialities both within and outside of the chat room. chronotopes) intersect periodically in a process in which the constant use of language shapes a negotiation of normativities.

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