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Peregrine watch-points are usually run on Derby's Cathedral Green from mid-May to mid-June.

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During last year's breeding season our cameras and blog brought all the action and updates to over half a million visitors.

Please note that our specimen is very old and that museums today do not condone or encourage the taking of any bird for display. Funding or material support for the web cameras came from many sources: Many small donations at Peregrine Watches; other anonymous gifts; Derby City Council's Wild Derby, Development and Tourism, Highways Department and ICT units.

Other nearby birdwatching opportunities include the nearby River Derwent footpath, going either upstream to Darley Park or downstream past the Council House and on to Pride Park. The peregrine project partners have high hopes for developing these webcam services in the years ahead as additional resources or sponsorship permit.

Just 200m from Cathedral Green, a Park-and-Ride bus from Derby Council House takes you to The Sanctuary, a new bird reserve next to Pride Park Football Stadium where many unusual birds can be observed, and where our peregrines sometimes hunt. Please contact either Derby Museums or Derbyshire Wildlife Trust if you would like to contribute to this project.

You can cycle there in just a few minutes along the riverside path. We are grateful to the following individuals who recently made donations to keep our project and the webcams running, or have given other support in kind.

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