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For each message type, there is a short description, an indicator that the message type is signed (Y or N), the maximum message length (either 2,000 or 10,000) and whether the use of the message requires registration within a Message User Group (Y or N).A Message User Group, for the purposes of this book, is a group of users who have voluntarily agreed to support the specified message type and have registered with SWIFT to send or receive the specified message type. It’s never too late to break it off, even if the invitations have already gone out. They know you and have your best interest at heart. Don’t be afraid to be alone, and figure out how to be happy alone. Provides a detailed accounting of financial instruments purchased or sold by the sender on behalf of the receiver or its client.It may also convey the payment details of the purchase or sale.It may also be sent by, or via an ETC service provider.

Advises a bank which has requested authorisation to pay, accept, negotiate, or incur a deferred payment undertaking that the presentation of the documents may be honoured, notwithstanding the discrepancies, provided they are otherwise in order. All men and women need to feel loved and appreciated. That might be a more delicate way of saying that life experience and wisdom are two of the few but valuable benefits of being over 40!These messages are indicated in the following table, in the column "MUG".(More information about Message User Groups follows this table.) Requests the movement of funds between financial institutions except if the transfer is related to an underlying customer credit transfer that was sent with the cover method, in which case the MT 202 COV must be used.

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