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They sung with so much emotion in every line, that we could still follow along the story even without understanding the Spanish lyrics, whilst of course having a little giggle at the same time.

The sexy Caribbean dancing took it up a notch in Cienfuegos.

Men and women were not shy dancers and did not hold back with their hip-to-hip moves.

Our new friends grabbed us by the hands, dragged us around the dance floor and laughed at the concentration on our faces.

As we drove off Lyss was leaning on the backseat door.

We found stalls filled with souvenirs made from everything and anything that the crafty locals could put together.As night fell, we sung, laughed and danced at a busy karaoke nightclub, Patio de ARTex.The contestants poured their hearts out while taking over the stage like someone on the X-factor.Even though our clumsy white-girl moves were nothing in comparison to the typical booty-shaking Cuban moves, we were all still smiling and had a great time practicing our salsa.Initially we were enjoying the serenity of not having WIFI with a great excuse, we were in Cuba.

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