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Elsewhere, Steven Beale’s huge lie takes on a life of its own – but it’s not just his situation with Lauren that he has to contend with.The problems are slightly less intense for others in Walford but they’re still there as Robbie Jackson fears for the future of the market and Sonia Fowler is worried about Dot. Lauren has a lot of questions following Steven’s shocking lie but he assures her that everything is okay.But when Mr Lister arrives, Robbie is told he needs to increase the revenue through more trendy stalls or the market will be closed.Max is suspicious when Lauren tells her about Steven’s news and he quickly does some digging before confronting Steven.It’s the day of the school prom and Bex and Louise are excited, hoping for a night to remember.

Meanwhile, the attendees of the prom are left reeling by what has happened – will life ever be the same again?She came to me after those first episodes and said, ‘Well, where is the character you promised? And it took me a minute to make an adjustment, to realize there were nuances that had to be brought on board that I just wasn’t thinking about.She’s not there.’ She was right and I worked hard during the second half of that first season to get us into the head of her character. I think I sort of caught up to it, hopefully in time.”Part of this challenge included finding Helen’s faults: “Alison’s perspective is [that Helen is this] really sort of classist, hard, snobby woman.While Abi tries to urge Steven to be honest, he overhears Lauren telling Josh she will try again with her relationship and resolves to stand by his false claim in the hope of hanging on to her Ian is delighted to learn that the chippy has been sold but puts the champagne down when he learns that the buyer is Weyland & Co.Elsewhere, Sharon complains to Michelle about the nuisance that the Taylors are causing.

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