Relationship with your boss dating

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If you’re thinking about getting involved with the boss, there a few important things to keep in mind.Here are some of the pros and cons of If you need motivation to go to work, there’s nothing like the thought of your honey waiting for you at the office.News gets around, and if potential hiring managers find out you don’t know how to follow company rules, this may not work out so well for you.Some employees of big companies and institutions always issue a disclaimer on social media stating that what they post on social media is their own opinions.

recent report by Career Builder, 41 percent of workers have dated a co-worker, the highest since 2007, and 29 percent of that group say it was someone higher up in the organization.

This is just tactics to draw you closer to him for the next step of your relationship.

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Consequently, every favor or plumb assignment will be seen as preferential treatment.

You may be well qualified for the job, but outsiders may start to think you’re only getting ahead because you’re sleeping your way to the top. Jealousy and nasty anyway, you could risk hurting your career in the long run.

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