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Or perhaps you will be able to soothe someone else; sometimes helping others can actually help us help ourselves.This anxiety disorder peer support community hopes that you come here to both give and gain support, and that you find the reassurance that you are not alone with others who can truly understand you.It's so rare the metabolics team here in Toronto, Canada cannot give much info about people who have this Vit B deficiency. My email address is [email protected] you m Y son takes only 10 mg in the morning. Taking the B6 seems to help his impulse control ( I know, he's two, but you have to see it to believe it) And, the week he started taking B6 his teacher said, "I don't know what you're doing, but he started talking! I did feel like he was acting strange in his sleep, so stopped giving him B6 at night.B6 is quickly elminiated by your body, so I think it would be best to spread it out.She has not had any migraines or aura's since then.So, I would suggest spreading the dose out so there is a steady dose of the medicine throughtout the day.I have two children on Keppra who the neuro has given instruction to start B6 for both. He is not overly emotional in the evening or anything.She said I could do it either in one dose or spread out. I started B6 and had two seizures in the first two weeks. I'm not seizure-free but I go for long periods without seizures. He has been seizure free since we started him on the Keppra and B6 combo...6 months. Take care, Sheri (Jacksmom) Hi Maria, I had to look as I wasn't sure. I've never heard that there are different types of B6. What Jack has been taking seems to be working for him so thats good.

We have both noticed a huge difference since being on the B6. Upon starting the B6 again, the next day she felt better.It seems to me that it would be best spread out, but I do not know if vitamins need to stay leveled out in the bloodstream the way medicinces do. Two in as many weeks just seemed like it was lowering my seizure threshold. He's was on b-6 for a year and we ran out in early December. Along with a medicine change, we also decided to get him back on b-6. :) Good luck, Sheri Hi Jean, I have been using vitamin B6 for over 38 years to control my seizures.The neuro suggested the amount and time of day to dispense. Hi Jean, My son Jack is on Keppra and takes a B6 vitamin. AEDs have never had any positive effects on my seizures.Regards Andrew Hi Andrew, Were you diagnosed with pyridoxal 5 phosphate dependent epilepsy?Your case sounds so much like my daughter who is just 2 months.

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