Updating keepass to later version who is claudia schiffer dating

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A new configuration storage system within each Kee Pass entry is required to enable some of the features above so once you upgrade your Kee Pass database you won't be able to go back unless you revert to an earlier backup.

The upgrade process has been tested (and applied to many databases with hundreds of entries) but please pay attention to the warning about making a backup. HTTP Authentication and Thunderbird mail accounts) allow you to open your password database without cancelling the login popup Thunderbird login matching improved The detailed (and fairly technical) set of changes can be viewed on github as usual: https://github.com/luckyrat/Kee Fox/ Known limitation: Newsgroup authentication prompts in Thunderbird do not work with Kee Fox.

This new version speeds things up (now faster than ever before) but it will be slightly slower for users of Firefox 36 and below.

I recommend upgrading anyway since it is unlikely you will notice the slow down but if your specific situation does result in worse performance, please just remember to upgrade Kee Fox before you upgrade to Firefox 37. There are more technical details about the change here: https://github.com/luckyrat/Kee Fox/issues/356 - It is now possible to remove an entry from the per-site configuration window.- Added support for Firefox 35 - Fixed: When saving passwords, the "never for this site" button did not work reliably.- There are a few issues with Kee Pass 2.28 for users with very high quality screens (high DPI/PPI).

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To read more about the large number of changes in Kee Fox 1.5, please see the article on the official website: you want all the gory technical detail you can see the full changelog on github (but be warned, there are 25,000 lines of changed code!This release fixes the most annoying of those - the others are pretty minor niggles.- Other minor bug fixes This release mainly focusses on improving the setup and management of Kee Fox for users of portable Kee Pass and Firefox.See https://github.com/luckyrat/Kee Fox/wiki/en-|-Portable-Kee Fox for updated instructions if you're interested in this feature.Most of these features are only possible in Firefox 29 and above but users of older versions of Firefox will benefit from a few minor changes and bug fixes.Other notable features and bug fixes are listed below: We now have a privacy policy to confirm that we do not store any personal or private data and provide further information about the anonymous data we collect: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/keefox/privacy/All the technical details can be found on github as usual: https://github.com/luckyrat/Kee Fox/compare/v1.2.7...v1.3.1v1.3.1 contains minor bug fixes and non-functional code changes since v1.3.0.

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