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but it's not like you really need to know that to get any enjoyment out of the game.

Motor Storm is an off-road racing game developed by Evolution Studios Ltd and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Incorporated for the Play Station 3.

Holding his hands up Nathan made the changes unaware of the chaos it would cause on the team.

The announcers' voice pierced the desert air as the teams fiddled with their vehicles.

Sony said the job cuts were part of a refocus at the studio, which will now work on updating Driveclub “as a service” and bringing gamers the long-promised Play Station Plus version of the game — a stripped-down free edition of Driveclub for all subscribers to Sony’s online gaming service.

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I think we should swap her for the next race." Raising an eyebrow Nathan looked at his loyal racer, laughed and shook his head lightly. " Marc shook his head; no humour was in his voice as he spoke.

The game revolves around the Motor Storm Festival, an extreme off-road racing event based on Monument Valley.

In order to progress through the game the player must complete tickets which consist of up to four races for any given ticket.

Obviously the limelight will be shining on you now." Nathan said, unsure of how Marc would take it.

Shrugging, Marc nodded his head and simply said sure.

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