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-- Get Table Schema for XML data columns SELECT @Node Col =[dbo].[fn Get Table Schema Insert](@Node Row) SELECT @Set Schema Select = [dbo].[fn Set Table Schema Select](@Node Row) SELECT @ivars = [dbo].[fn Get Table Schema Select Into](@Node Row) DECLARE @param NVARCHAR(50), @pk ID INT, @pk IDOUT INT SET @param = N'@hdoc INT, @pk IDOUT INT OUTPUT' For our sp_executesql we need to SET the @hdoc and can pass the identity value back if there is one for the table.

As we continue, we have set our INSERT variables and now can build our final statement to execute.

For this example, I will be using the pubs database and work with transactions to authors.

Basically, the correctly formatted XML is generated with the table name (authors) as the parent node, rows are delimited by Note: XML is case-sensitive therefore whatever you have for table names and column names must exactly match the XML.

I have no idea why this error keeps happening when installing it under the system account. the software we are talking about is File Zilla which needs a preconfigured XML file in the %appdata% folder.

When I install it with my user it works without a problem and also the repair function works.

These scripts are for processing data for any table to insert or update data.

In this section, I will walk through the different processes within the Insert stored procedure, which are to extract the Node Path and Table names from the XML, retrieve the schema datatypes, primary keys for that table, prepare the statement and then lastly loop through the XML to perform the request. The following breaks apart the INSERT stored procedure and I'll explain each step in the process. -- ============================================= -- Author: WA -- Create date: 12/24/2009 -- Description: Translate XML to SQL Record Set for INSERT -- Dependencies: [dbo].[fn Get Table Schema Insert], [dbo].[fn Set Table Schema Select], [dbo].[fn Get Table Schema Select Into],[dbo].[fn Is Date] -- ============================================= CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[pr XMLData Insert] ( @Xml Data XML ) AS BEGIN SET NOCOUNT ON SET ARITHABORT ON SET CONCAT_NULL_YIELDS_NULL ON SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON SET ANSI_NULLS ON SET ANSI_PADDING ON SET ANSI_WARNINGS ON SET NUMERIC_ROUNDABORT OFF DECLARE @hdoc INT -- Prepare XML document EXEC sp_xml_preparedocument @hdoc OUTPUT, @xml Data After testing several XML methods, the quickest way I found was to use the sp_xml_preparedocument then insert the results into a temporary dataset in order to quickly query values from the XML to process.In Active Setup you can repair your MSI or write a VBS to copy XML in required folder.But the ISXMLInstall custom action is the default XML engine for it.In developing this process, my research of resources on the topic throughout the internet, seemed to only discuss primary functions and fundamental application.The following production code is what I used for inserting and updating database tables using XML as the input.

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